Training & Background

I graduated with an Honours degree in Social Work over 30 years ago. Social Workers are trained to deal with human issues on an individual, family and community level. The training equips one with a strong set of skills that enables new graduates to go into a job and start working straight away.

A large proportion of my experience has been gained in the not for profit sector, at community services organisations. I have been exposed to a wide range of clients and issues and have built up a solid body of knowledge on many different subjects.

I have undertaken extensive clinical supervision which is the primary source of learning and growth as a psychotherapist. I have read widely on many topics that have come up in sessions with my clients and have attended regular professional development opportunities throughout my years of practice.

I am experienced and knowledgeable in the area of mental health. This comes from both clinical experience, and consultation with psychiatrists, in order to better understand certain conditions and what the role of medication is in recovery. The most common areas of mental health I have worked in are depression, anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and personality disorders.

I migrated to Australia in 2001 and have been active in work, both as an employee, and in private practice for many years.

My practice is very self reflective and that is probably the best learning for me at this stage of my career. By that I mean I am continually reflecting upon my work and how I might do things better to assist my clients in achieving their goals.


About Juliet Hurwitz

I am a Social Worker with 25 years experience in the field of Psychotherapy.

My particular style is referred to as Psycho-Dynamic Psychotherapy. Within this framework there is strong emphasis on the development of the relationship between the client and the therapist. This is a crucial aspect of my approach and is a very important part of the healing process. Also fundamental to my style is the importance of early life experiences, as these can often provide valuable insight into the current difficulties being experienced.

The words Counselling and Psychotherapy are often used together. For me, however, there is a difference. People may be more comfortable with the word counselling as it may feel less intrusive. Counselling is generally regarded to be shorter term work dealing with specific issues. This way of working has value and benefits those who are looking for a short term experience and concrete solutions to their problems.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is a deeper way of working. My craft is Psychotherapy which involves looking at the unconscious parts of the self. This can take a bit more time but ensures real and lasting change. The ultimate goal of psychotherapy is insight, self knowledge and an awareness of the unconscious forces that have been preventing you from realising your full potential and achieving happiness.

These new insights can be very powerful and once you are aware of what is holding you back from being happy, a major part of our work is already done. We then have a solid foundation from which to work in terms of moving forward and making the necessary changes in your life.

This process need not take a long time. Over the years I have become skilled at understanding the hidden meaning behind your words and can assist with you moving forward in sometimes even 6 sessions.

Medicare will, if applicable, subsidise your first 10 sessions. No one will be refused access to my services based on financial difficulty.

About Zetland Psychotherapy

Zetland Psychotherapy is a boutique practice offering exceptional therapeutic services in a comfortable, private office.

This is a general psychotherapy practice. The principal, Juliet Hurwitz, is skilled in a wide range of areas and can offer assistance with almost any problem that you may be experiencing. She has fine tuned her skills and these can be applied to multiple areas. Referring doctors have welcomed this practice into the community as it is a one stop shop for private, high quality care.

Further, she is well resourced in terms of issues that are more specialised and knows who the best people are to refer to. This applies most specifically to addictions which often need to be addressed in a rehabilitation facility.

The offices of Zetland Psychotherapy are located in a modern building with on street parking. The address is walking distance from Green Square Station and is close to bus services.